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TOUGH RESIN, A New Era TabletopXtra


Finally, FINALLY, after nearly 4 months of waiting for the slow boat from China (after a guaranteed 4 week delivery from the suppliers, if I might add some salt), we are fully stocked up on new TOUGH resin.
From today, all new orders will be fulfilled with either a 50/50 mix of tough and water washable resin, or 100% tough resin for those more delicate designs.

Still just as paintable, undercoat adheres great, and still keeping the crisp detail we're known for BUT with the added toughness and flexibility you need for tabletop gaming.

Our previous custom mix was mostly water washable based, which gave a great matt finish, but some thinner parts such as weapons and realistic scale limbs, could be a bit too brittle for daily handling. Great to paint, but they wouldn't always pass the drop test.


Our minis will now survive the most rigourous of handling. I have literally full on baseball thrown on of the 100% tough resin minis at a brick wall and it bounced back just fine. Not that we would at all recommend that 😅.

Not to mention, the greatly improved flexibility on par with traditional injection moulded plastic. Previously, our minis might give way from a 15 degree bend to a part. Now, we're seeing model survive upwards of 90-180 degree bends!

Keep an eye on our accounts for video demonstrations soon!
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