Aliens Vs Humans II Miniatures (Full Set) | Papsikels

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Resin printed on demand. Amazing Quality. 

Cleaned and prepped before posting. 
These models are printed at 28/32mm compatible scale. 
Base size and height will vary. 
Commercially Licensed Seller via Patreon:

Model List:-
  • Lannie w/ M-52 Smart Gun
  • Lannie w/ Mute the Wonder Child
  • Human Space XB Explorer B-05-X1-NE
  • Human Space XB Explorer K1-NG-BD-GR
  • Human Space XB Explorer SK-U5-TA-CL
  • Human Space XB Explorer FL-0W-G
  • Human Space Marine Captain Ark
  • Human Space Marine Captain Ark No Helm
  • Human Space Marine PVT Billy Joe Crowford
  • Papz Industries - X8 Brado 10 Communicator
  • Papz Industries - X8 Daloy 6 - Sentry Gun
  • Papz Industries - X8 Daloy 7 - Sentry Gun
  • Xeno Brood Abductor
  • Xeno Brood Alpha Warrior
  • Xeno Brood Dominator
  • Xeno Brood Grabber
  • Xeno Brood Tyrant
  • Xeno Brood Warrior
  • Xeno Vixen Brood Stalker